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Journal of Climate, Volume 21/4 (февраль 2008)

Список статей с абстрактами вышедших в  Journal of Climate Volume 21, Issue 4 (февраль 2008).


A Climatology of Diurnal and Semidiurnal Surface Wind Variations over the Tropical Pacific Ocean Based on the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Moored Buoy Array

Rei Ueyama and Clara Deser


Eddy Heat Flux in the Southern Ocean: Response to Variable Wind Forcing

Andrew McC. Hogg,  Michael P. Meredith,  Jeffrey R. Blundell, and Chris Wilson


The Impact of Rapid Wind Variability upon Air–Sea Thermal Coupling

Philip Sura and Matthew Newman


Tropical Cyclone–Induced Upper-Ocean Mixing and Climate: Application to Equable Climates

Robert L. Korty,  Kerry A. Emanuel, and Jeffery R. Scott


Observations of Cloud, Radiation, and Surface Forcing in the Equatorial Eastern Pacific

C. W. Fairall,  Taneil Uttal,  Duane Hazen,  Jeffrey Hare,  Meghan F. Cronin,  Nicholas Bond, and Dana E. Veron


The Roles of Atmospheric Stochastic Forcing (SF) and Oceanic Entrainment Temperature (Te) in Decadal Modulation of ENSO

Rong-Hua Zhang,  Antonio J. Busalacchi, and David G. DeWitt


The Influence of Changes in Cloud Cover on Recent Surface Temperature Trends in the Arctic

Yinghui Liu,  Jeffrey R. Key, and Xuanji Wang


Fluctuating Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Changes Estimated by an In Situ Learned and Empirically Forced Neural Network Model

G. I. Belchansky,  D. C. Douglas, and N. G. Platonov


Atmospheric Horizontal Resolution Affects Tropical Climate Variability in Coupled Models

A. Navarra,  S. Gualdi,  S. Masina,  S. Behera,  J.-J. Luo,  S. Masson,  E. Guilyardi,  P. Delecluse, and T. Yamagata


Effects of Serial Dependence and Large-Scale Tropospheric Circulation on Midlatitude North American Terrestrial Carbon Dioxide Exchange

Robbie A. Hember and Peter M. Lafleur


The Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation over the North American Monsoon Region during the NAME 2004 Field Campaign

Emily J. Becker and Ernesto Hugo Berbery


Systematic Variation in Wintertime Precipitation in East Asia by MJO-Induced Extratropical Vertical Motion

Jee-Hoon Jeong,  Baek-Min Kim,  Chang-Hoi Ho, and Yeon-Hee Noh


Potential Predictability of Long-Term Drought and Pluvial Conditions in the U.S. Great Plains

Siegfried D. Schubert,  Max J. Suarez,  Philip J. Pegion,  Randal D. Koster, and Julio T. Bacmeister


Assessing Bias and Uncertainty in the HadAT-Adjusted Radiosonde Climate Record

Mark P. McCarthy,  H. A. Titchner,  P. W. Thorne,  S. F. B. Tett,  L. Haimberger, and D. E. Parker



Initial Tendencies of Cloud Regimes in the Met Office Unified Model

K. D. Williams and M. E. Brooks


Climate Signal Detection Times and Constraints on Climate Benchmark Accuracy Requirements

Stephen S. Leroy,  James G. Anderson, and George Ohring



Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, №1 (январь 2008) Journal of Physical Oceanography, Vol. 38/2 (февраль 2008)