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Paleooceanography, январь - февраль 2008

Список статей с абстрактами вышедших в  журнале Paleooceanography в январь - февраль 2008.

Published in 2008
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Ashkenazy, Y., and H. Gildor (2008), Timing and significance of maximum and minimum equatorial insolation, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1206, doi:10.1029/2007PA001436
31 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Broecker, W. S. (2008), A need to improve reconstructions of the fluctuations in the calcite compensation depth over the course of the Cenozoic, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1204, doi:10.1029/2007PA001456
19 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Darby, D. A. (2008), Arctic perennial ice cover over the last 14 million years, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S07, doi:10.1029/2007PA001479
5 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

Frank, M., J. Backman, M. Jakobsson, K. Moran, M. O'Regan, J. King, B. A. Haley, P. W. Kubik, and D. Garbe-Schönberg (2008), Beryllium isotopes in central Arctic Ocean sediments over the past 12.3 million years: Stratigraphic and paleoclimatic implications, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S02, doi:10.1029/2007PA001478
20 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

Huybers, P., and E. Tziperman (2008), Integrated summer insolation forcing and 40,000-year glacial cycles: The perspective from an ice-sheet/energy-balance model, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1208, doi:10.1029/2007PA001463
13 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Keigwin, L. D., and E. A. Boyle (2008), Did North Atlantic overturning halt 17,000 years ago?, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1101, doi:10.1029/2007PA001500
31 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Loubere, P., and R. Chellappa (2008), Carbonate preservation in marine sediments: Mid to higher latitude quantitative proxies, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1209, doi:10.1029/2007PA001470
19 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Meland, M. Y., T. M. Dokken, E. Jansen, and K. Hevrøy (2008), Water mass properties and exchange between the Nordic seas and the northern North Atlantic during the period 23–6 ka: Benthic oxygen isotopic evidence, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1210, doi:10.1029/2007PA001416
21 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Menviel, L., A. Timmermann, A. Mouchet, and O. Timm (2008), Meridional reorganizations of marine and terrestrial productivity during Heinrich events, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1203, doi:10.1029/2007PA001445
18 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Moreno, E., F. Bassinot, F. Baudin, and M. Vénec-Peyré (2008), Influence of orbital forcing and sea level changes on sedimentation patterns in the Timor Sea during the last 260 ka, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1207, doi:10.1029/2007PA001423
31 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Nederbragt, A. J., J. W. Thurow, and P. R. Bown (2008), Paleoproductivity, ventilation, and organic carbon burial in the Santa Barbara Basin (ODP Site 893, off California) since the last glacial, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1211, doi:10.1029/2007PA001501
27 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Onodera, J., K. Takahashi, and R. W. Jordan (2008), Eocene silicoflagellate and ebridian paleoceanography in the central Arctic Ocean, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S15, doi:10.1029/2007PA001474
13 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

Rasmussen, T. L., and E. Thomsen (2008), Warm Atlantic surface water inflow to the Nordic seas 34–10 calibrated ka B.P., Paleoceanography, 23, PA1201, doi:10.1029/2007PA001453
15 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Sangiorgi, F., H. Brumsack, D. A. Willard, S. Schouten, C. E. Stickley, M. O'Regan, G. Reichart, J. S. Sinninghe Damsté, and H. Brinkhuis (2008), A 26 million year gap in the central Arctic record at the greenhouse-icehouse transition: Looking for clues, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S04, doi:10.1029/2007PA001477
29 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

Scher, H. D., and E. E. Martin (2008), Oligocene deep water export from the North Atlantic and the development of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current examined with neodymium isotopes, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1205, doi:10.1029/2006PA001400
19 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Sluijs, A., U. Röhl, S. Schouten, Hans-J. Brumsack, F. Sangiorgi, J. S. Sinninghe Damsté, and H. Brinkhuis (2008), Arctic late Paleocene–early Eocene paleoenvironments with special emphasis on the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (Lomonosov Ridge, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 302), Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S11, doi:10.1029/2007PA001495
7 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

St. John, K. (2008), Cenozoic ice-rafting history of the central Arctic Ocean: Terrigenous sands on the Lomonosov Ridge, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1S05, doi:10.1029/2007PA001483
6 February 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version] [Special Section]

Stancin, A. M., J. D. Gleason, R. M. Owen, D. K. Rea, and J. D. Blum (2008), Piston core record of Late Paleogene (31 Ma) to recent seafloor hydrothermal activity in the Southwest Pacific Basin, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1212, doi:10.1029/2006PA001406
1 March 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]

Suan, G., E. Mattioli, B. Pittet, S. Mailliot, and C. Lécuyer (2008), Evidence for major environmental perturbation prior to and during the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) oceanic anoxic event from the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal, Paleoceanography, 23, PA1202, doi:10.1029/2007PA001459
17 January 2008 [Abstract] [Full Article] [Print Version]


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