Океанология. Океанография - изучение, проблемы и ресурсы мирового океана :: Продлён срок подачи тезисов на конференцию PORSEC-2008
Продлён срок подачи тезисов на конференцию PORSEC-2008

Dear colleagues,
Let me inform you that the deadline for PORSEC-2008 abstract submission is extended by July 31 (http://ledweb.scsio.ac.cn/ porsec2008/index.asp)

and remind you that among the conference programm there is a session on "Links between physical and biological mesoscale oceanic processes"  which I like to encourage you to participate actively (below). We have received quite a number of abstracts already and believe the session will be extremely interesting.

Hope to see you in Guangzhou, China in December,

Vyacheslav Lobanov
PORSEC co-convener


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Links between physical and biological mesoscale oceanic processes
Co-conveners: V. Lobanov (POI, Russia), J. Ishizaka (U. Nagasaki, Japan)
and F. Qiao (FIO, China)

Satellite observations have proved that mesoscale water dynamics is dominated by spatially organized or coherent structures such as rings of
ocean boundary currents, mesoscale eddies, filaments and jets of upwelling areas etc. At the same time in many cases these structures are areas of
high biological productivity, concentration of marine organisms and often are considered as hot spots for oceanic biota. What are the mechanisms of
this correlation between physical and biological processes, how these links on mesoscale are essential for large scale processes and what
satellite observations could offer to answer these questions? The session would discuss the latest advances in understanding of mesoscale water
dynamics and mesoscale structures in biological fields obtained on the base of satellite observations including sea surface temperature, ocean
color, sea ice, altimetry and radar data as well as results of in situ observations, ocean and ecosystem models and synthesis of these data.
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