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Research related to the physics of the ocean and to processes operating at its boundaries. Observational, theoretical, and modeling studies are all welcome, especially those that focus on elucidating specific physical processes. Papers that investigate interactions with other components of the earth system (e.g., ocean–atmosphere, physical–biological and physical–chemical interactions) as well as studies of other fluid systems (e.g., lakes and laboratory tanks) are also invited, as long as their focus is on understanding the ocean or the ocean's role in the earth system.



The Atlantic Subtropical Front/Current Systems of Azores and St. Helena

Manuela F. Juliano and Mário L. G. R. Alves


Ventilation Rates Estimated from Tracers in the Presence of Mixing

Timothy M. Hall,  Thomas W. N. Haine,  Mark Holzer,  Deborah A. LeBel,  Francesca Terenzi, and Darryn W. Waugh


Evaluation of Interior Circulation in a High-Resolution Global Ocean Model. Part II: Southern Hemisphere Intermediate, Mode, and Thermocline Waters

Alexander Sen Gupta and Matthew H. England


Generation and Stability of a Quasi-Permanent Vortex in the Lofoten Basin

Armin Köhl


The Role of Wind Stress Curl in Jet Separation at a Cape

Renato M. Castelao and John A. Barth


The Role of Stratification-Dependent Mixing for the Stability of the Atlantic Overturning in a Global Climate Model

Ben Marzeion,  Anders Levermann, and Juliette Mignot


Interannual Variations in Upper-Ocean Heat Content and Heat Transport Convergence in the Western North Atlantic

Shenfu Dong,  Susan L. Hautala, and Kathryn A. Kelly


Seasonal and Interannual Variations of Oceanic Conditions in the Angola Dome

Takeshi Doi,  Tomoki Tozuka,  Hideharu Sasaki,  Yukio Masumoto, and Toshio Yamagata


Sea-State-Dependent Momentum Fluxes for Ocean Modeling

Øyvind Saetra,  Jon Albretsen, and Peter A. E. M. Janssen


Second-Order Theory and Setup in Surface Gravity Waves: A Comparison with Experimental Data

A. Toffoli,  M. Onorato,  A. V. Babanin,  E. Bitner-Gregersen,  A. R. Osborne, and J. Monbaliu


Impact of Channel Geometry and Rotation on the Trapping of Internal Tides

Sybren Drijfhout and Leo R. M. Maas


Wave-Follower Field Measurements of the Wind-Input Spectral Function. Part III: Parameterization of the Wind-Input Enhancement due to Wave Breaking

Alexander V. Babanin,  Michael L. Banner,  Ian R. Young, and Mark A. Donelan



The Coastal Bottom Boundary Layer: A Note on the Model of Chapman and Lentz

Joseph Pedlosky





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