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Work Content
The successful applicant will study sea ice physics related to atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction based on field observations, numerical simulations, and buoy data, in the innovational international research project “AMORA”. Research on sea-ice thermodynamics and sea-ice energy balance in the Arctic will be the main topic, focusing on physical processes and radiation transfer in snow and sea ice. As the development of a new buoy system is a key element of the AMORA project, the candidate will be involved in developing the technology, deploying the systems on Arctic sea ice, and in the processing, analyzing and publishing of the scientific data. The new data sets will highlight aspects of the seasonality of surface albedo and transmittance of solar radiation through snow and sea ice. The gathered data sets will comprise time series data (buoys) as well as station data and lateral transects, in order to study temporal changes and spatial variability Close collaboration with our project partners in China, Finland, USA and Germany, and oceanographers and glaciologists at the NPI is expected.
A second  more minor activity the candidate would contribute to is work related to calibration and validation of satellite radar altimetry data for revealing sea ice thickness, to be obtained with the recently launched ESA satellite CryoSat-2. Here datasets of snow and sea ice thickness from field observations and altimetry relevant properties (density, freeboard of the sea ice) will be processed, analysed and published.

The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. (or be about to complete it) with a background in one of the themes physics, Geophysics, Meteorology, or Oceanography. Knowledge of processing of field data is required, as the candidate will work with heterogeneous data sets. Experience in field work will be important. Knowledge of field instrumentation and equipment especially related to physical properties of snow and ice is required, and general knowledge on physical properties of snow and sea ice is an asset. We are seeking a candidate who is a team worker yet can conduct independent research, and has experience in publishing in international scientific journals. The candidate must be willing to participate in scientific fieldwork in the Arctic.



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