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 Application Deadline: Monday, 31 July 2006

The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) Polar Climate Program invites
applications for a three-year position as research scientist/postdoc in
sea ice physics.

The successful applicant will conduct research on sea ice thermodynamics
and sea ice energy balance in the Arctic. The research will mainly focus
on observations of spectral surface albedo, solar radiation
transmittance of snow and ice, and related snow and sea ice properties
in the areas of the Arctic Basin, Fram Strait, and Svalbard. The
position is part of DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing
Capabilities for Longterm Environmental Studies), an EU funded
Integrated Project. A close collaboration with partners in DAMOCLES and
oceanographers and glaciologists in the Polar Climate Program of the NPI
working on related projects is expected. The candidate must be willing
to participate in scientific cruises and fieldwork in the Arctic.

NPI seeks candidates with good knowledge of sea ice physical properties
especially those related to the surface energy balance and their role in
the climate system. The applicant must hold a Ph.D. or possess
equivalent experience within sea ice physics related disciplines
(geophysics, meteorology, physics). Experience from sea ice fieldwork
and data analysis is an asset.

The application deadline is Monday, 31 July 2006. The application should
include a CV, name of two referees, a list of publications, and details
of relevant qualifications and experience. NPI prefers that an
electronic application is submitted on If this is
not feasible, paper copies may be sent to:
Norwegian Polar Institute
The Polar Environmental Center
9296 Tromso

Female candidates are encouraged to apply for the position.

The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) is Norway's main institution for
polar environmental research and advisory services, environmental
monitoring, mapping, and expeditions to the polar regions. The Institute
reports to Norway's Ministry of the Environment and is a liaison and
service body for national and international polar research.
Approximately 110 persons are employed at the Institute in Tromso,
Svalbard, and Dronning Maud Land.


For further information, please contact:
Sebastian Gerland
Phone: +47 77 75 05 54
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or contact:
Edmond Hansen
Phone: +47 77 75 05 36
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