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Sensitivity of the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation and Its Stability to Basin-Scale Variations in Vertical Mixing
Willem P. Sijp and Matthew H. England pages 5467-5478.
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Water Mass Distribution and Ventilation Time Scales in a Cost-Efficient, Three-Dimensional Ocean Model
S. A. Müller,  F. Joos,  N. R. Edwards, and T. F. Stocker pages 5479-5499.
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Physical Processes Associated with the Tropical Atlantic SST Meridional Gradient
Zeng-Zhen Hu and Bohua Huangpages 5500-5518.
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Transition between Suppressed and Active Phases of Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
P. A. Agudelo,  J. A. Curry,  C. D. Hoyos, and P. J. Webster pages 5519-5530.
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Cloud Properties and Their Seasonal and Diurnal Variability from TOVS Path-B
C. J. Stubenrauch,  A. Chédin,  G. Rädel,  N. A. Scott, and S. Serrar pages 5531-5553.
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Emergent Behavior and Uncertainty in Multimodel Climate Projections of Precipitation Trends at Small Spatial Scales
P. Good and J. Lowe pages 5554-5569.
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Dry Bias in Satellite-Derived Clear-Sky Water Vapor and Its Contribution to Longwave Cloud Radiative Forcing
Byung-Ju Sohn,  Johannes Schmetz,  Rolf Stuhlmann, and Joo-Young Lee pages 5570-5580.
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Projection and Analysis of Extreme Wave Climate
Sofia Caires,  Val R. Swail, and Xiaolan L. Wang pages 5581-5605.
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Summer Temperature Variations in the European Alps, a.d. 755–2004
Ulf Büntgen,  David C. Frank,  Daniel Nievergelt, and Jan Esper pages 5606-5623.
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Diagnosis of Anomalous Winter Temperatures over the Eastern United States during the 2002/03 El Niño
Lisa Goddard,  Arun Kumar,  Martin P. Hoerling, and Anthony G. Barnston pages 5624-5636.
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Can Isopycnal Mixing Control the Stability of the Thermohaline Circulation in Ocean Climate Models?
Willem P. Sijp,  Michael Bates, and Matthew H. England pages 5637-5651.
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Icelandic Coastal Sea Surface Temperature Records Constructed: Putting the Pulse on Air–Sea–Climate Interactions in the Northern North Atlantic. Part I: Comparison with HadISST1 Open-Ocean Surface Temperatures and Preliminary Analysis of Long-Term Patterns and Anomalies of SSTs around Iceland
Edward Hanna,  Trausti Jónsson,  Jon Ólafsson, and Hedinn Valdimarsson pages 5652-5666.
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Variability of the Winter Wind Waves and Swell in the North Atlantic and North Pacific as Revealed by the Voluntary Observing Ship Data
Sergey K. Gulev and Vika Grigorieva pages 5667-5685.
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Robust Responses of the Hydrological Cycle to Global Warming
Isaac M. Held and Brian J. Soden pages 5686-5699.
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Monthly Climatologies of Oceanic Friction Velocity Cubed
Barry A. Klinger,  Bohua Huang,  Ben Kirtman,  Paul Schopf, and Jiande Wang pages 5700-5708.
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Interannual Variation of the Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Western North Pacific
Tsing-Chang Chen,  Shih-Yu Wang, and Ming-Cheng Yen pages 5709-5720.
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Stratosphere–Troposphere Coupling in a Relatively Simple AGCM: Impact of the Seasonal Cycle
Paul J. Kushner and Lorenzo M. Polvani pages 5721-5727.
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