Океанология Vol. 46, No. 5, 2006 Версия для печати

Содержание последнего выпуска журнала "Океанология", к сожалению только на английском.  

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Marine Physics

Interpretation of Edge Waves Observations on Shikotan Island

O. E. Polukhina, A. A. Kurkin, and N. V. Polukhin p. 603  abstract

High Resolution Modeling of the Monsoon Circulation in the Indian Ocean

N. A. Diansky, V. B. Zalesny, S. N. Moshonkin, and A. S. Rusakov p. 608  abstract

Marine Chemistry

Fine Hydrochemical Structure of the Redox Zone in the Black Sea according to the Results
of Measurements with an Open Oxygen Sensor and with Bottle Samplers

P. A. Stunzhas and E. V. Yakushev p. 629  abstract

Marine Biology

Composition and Quantitative Distribution of Macrozoobenthos in Amur Bay

T. A. Belan and L. S. Belan p. 642  abstract

Dynamics of Planktonic Foraminiferal Community in the Sea of Japan during the Last 2 My

S. P. Pletnev and V. V. Sukhanov p. 652  abstract

Marine Geology

Viscous Model of Plate Tectonics for the Black Sea Region (In Relation to the Problem
of the Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Black Sea Basins)

E. I. Patalakha, I. K. Senchenkov, and V. V. Gonchar p. 660  abstract

Magmatic Evolution of the Provinces of the Pacific Ocean Floor

E. D. Golubeva p. 672  abstract

Transtension of the Romanche Transform Fault

Al. A. Schreider, A. A. Schreider, A. A. Bulychev, E. Lodolo, G. L. Kashintsev p. 683  abstract

Matter Composition and Formation Conditions of the PliocenePleistocene Sediments
in the Kuril Basin (Sea of Okhotsk)

N. G. Vaschenkova, E. P. Terekhov, and I. B. Tsoy p. 692  abstract

Deep Structure of the Transition Zone from the Baltic Shield to the Barents Sea Basin
Based on Seismic Data

Yu. P. Neprochnov and G. A. Semenov p. 702  abstract

Biomorphic Formations in Recent Phosphorites

G. N. Baturin and A. T. Titov p. 711  abstract

Manganese Carbonates in the Upper Quaternary Sediments of the Deryugin Basin
(Sea of Okhotsk)

A. S. Astakhov, R. Tiedemann, I. O. Murdmaa,
O. Yu. Bogdanova, A. V. Mozherovsky, and N. A. Sereda
p. 716  abstract

Research Methods and Facilities

Devising Methods for Geomagnetic Studies in the World Ocean

E. V. Verzhbitskii and A. A. Shreider p. 730  abstract

Effect of the Water-Saturated Sediment Layer on Recording Seismic Signals
with a Bottom Seismometer

D. G. Levchenko p. 739  abstract

Acoustic Stereo Images of the Bottom Surface

V. A. Sychev and A. E. Sazhneva p. 751  abstract


Academician Artem Sarkisovich Sarkisyan (On His 80th Birthday) p. 754





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