Летняя школа "Physics of the Ocean" Версия для печати

11 - 16 September, 2011, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany

The target group of the school are postdocs, graduate students, and advanced master students, from all over Europe and beyond, who wish to broaden their understanding of the ocean. They should preferably be engaged in a field neighbouring physical oceanography, such as atmospheric physics/meteorology, hydrology, geophysics, biogeochemistry, and bio- geo-sciences, and should have a sufficient knowledge of basic physics.

Physical ocean processes directly affect the global distribution and transports of ocean properties, ranging from mass and temperature to the many dissolved substances (salt, nutrients, CO2, etc.). Ocean processes are of particular relevance for the global and regional climate systems, and they set the stage for marine element cycling and the marine ecosystem as a whole. The relevant scales range from vertical ocean mixing (cm) over mesoscale stirring (km) up to the planetary scale of the global ocean circulation. The school is to provide a broader view of the ocean system from a physical perspective. The participants shall be introduced to the observations and models, theory and statistical methods used by environmental and ocean physicists, and to their present understanding how the ocean works. Additional topics are the interaction with the global climate and with marine biogeochemical and ecological systems. This will provide orientation in the context of big international research programs, such as CLIVAR and IGOOS. Besides, the school is expected to advance the interaction and collaboration between young scientists active in the named research areas.

The participants are urged to contribute to the school by presenting work of their own, generally in the form of posters, and by active participation in the discussion and working sessions.




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