3rd Annual Polar Technology Conference Версия для печати

Conference Announcement
3rd Annual Polar Technology Conference
26-27 April 2007
Menlo Park, California

For further information, please go to:
http://polartechnologyconf erence.org/

The 3rd Annual Polar Technology Conference will be held on 26-27 April
2007, in Menlo Park, California. Sponsored by Stanford University, the
conference brings together polar scientists and technology developers to
exchange information on research system operational needs and technology
solutions that have been successful in polar environments. The
conference provides a forum to address issues of design, implementation,
and deployment of systems to achieve research goals in the polar
regions, including weather stations, robotics, power systems, telemetry,
and remote communications.

Registration, current participant list, and information for presenters
is available at:
http://polartechnologyconf erence.org/


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Всех посетителей и авторов с Новым Годом! Желаю процветания и хорошей погоды в 2011