Journal of Physical Oceanography Volume 36 No.10 Версия для печати



Control of Large-Scale Heat Transport by Small-Scale Mixing
Paola Cessi,  W. R. Young, and Jeff A. Polton pages 1877-1894.
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Sensitivity of the Ventilation Process in the North Pacific to Eddy-Induced Tracer Transport
Takahiro Endoh,  Yanli Jia, and Kelvin J. Richards pages 1895-1911.
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Dynamics of the Cold-Water Event off the Southeast Coast of the United States in the Summer of 2003
Dongliang Yuan pages 1912-1927.
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Cold-Water Events and Dissipation in the Mixed Layer of a Lake
B. Ozen,  S. A. Thorpe,  U. Lemmin, and T. R. Osborn pages 1928-1939.
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Daily to Decadal Sea Surface Temperature Variability Driven by State-Dependent Stochastic Heat Fluxes
Philip Sura,  Matthew Newman, and Michael A. Alexander pages 1940-1958.
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Amplification and Suppression of Internal Waves by Tides over Variable Bottom Topography
Vasiliy Vlasenko and Nataliya Stashchuk pages 1959-1973.
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Modeling of Bathymetry-Locked Residual Eddies in Well-Mixed Tidal Channels with Arbitrary Depth Variations
Chunyan Li pages 1974-1993.
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