Bjerknes Centre 10-Year Anniversary Conference Версия для печати
Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research-CoE, I am honoured to
invite you to our open
10-Year Anniversary Conference: Climate Change in High Latitudes,
September 3 - 6, 2012 in Bergen, Norway.

The conference opens up for registration and abstract submission on
February 1, 2012. Abstract submission deadline: May, 1.

For registration and abstract submission, please visit our web site:

Outline of the conference:
* Plenary sessions with solicited and contributed lectures
* Poster presentations - which will be the main arena for scientific presentations
* Keynote talks by key international experts on the various sessions speakers
* Discussion forums
* Social events and opportunities to sample the panoramic Western Norway fjord
district (The foremost scenery in the world, according to National Geographic)
and the medieval city of Bergen

* Session 1: Climate variability, sensitivity, thresholds and predictability
Here we invite oral and poster contributions covering past present and future aspects of
high latitude climate variability and sensitivity, how high and lower latitudes are linked,
the potential of threshold behaviour in the system as well as contributions on
predictable aspects of high latitude climate dynamics.

* Session 2: Coupling between climate and biogeochemical cycles
We invite contributions on the linkages and feedbacks between the climate system and
biogeochemical cycles - in a bipolar perspective

* Session 3: Ocean, ice, atmosphere, land surface processes
In this session we invite empirical and modelling contributions on important processes
and their interactions, driving climate change in high latitudes

* Session 4: Climate projections and ecosystem responses
Here we invite contributions analysing global and regional model simulations and
climate projections (e.g. CMIP5 and CORDEX) as well as studies linking climate scenarios
with ecosystem responses and interactions

Dr Eystein Jansen
Director Bjerkens Centre




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